ninja-like focus.

October 19, 2008

I am still exhibiting outrageous amounts of self control and focus as I fore go many exciting blogging opportunities and continue to work relentlessly on uni assignments. As a reward for this ninja-like focus and unwavering dedication, I will now blog about the things that I am refraining from bloggin about but will blog about as soon as the 15 due dates in the next 5 weeks stop cramping my style.

A concise list of things that I will blog about as soon as uni stops cramping my style:

  1. Goats and bunnies.
  2. Pretending to a mother
  3. What you can get for $14.95
  4. Turtle attire.
  5. How to do a magic trick
  6. The disposable urinal.

Exciting times ahead!

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Little bunnies, to him belong.

October 15, 2008

Jesus loves me this i know, for the bible tells me so for he sent a baby bunny right into my backyard and it sat on the lawn for ages and looked at me.

He always knows what i need.

Still slaving away at uni assingments. Have contemplated burning the place down several times. *sigh* Back to work.

focused: part two

October 11, 2008

This picture is a little bit what I want my life to be about.

I cant explain right now because I am being exceptionally focused and self controlled by refraining from blogging about the aforementioned things (goats, pretending to a mother etc)  and doing disgusting uni assingments instead.

will power.

October 9, 2008

It’s taking absolutely ALL my will power to remain focused on my horrid uni assignments and not blogg endlessly about goats, coffee in my pj’s, a moose in my shower, pretending to be a mother and how to do a  magic trick.
Stay tuned people…exciting things are up ahead!

purple feet

October 6, 2008

just been to teens camp with Glen. Much, much too tired to write full sentences about it-so here are some key words and pictures…

bruises. blue ninjas. pool party. wet cast. purple feet. raspberry spiders. killer kias. hot seats. purple. ducks. peacocks. moments. dangerously low levels of caffeine. gandhi. heroes. changing a little. giant hammock. asking. listening. giving. daisy chains. screaming girls. wetness. coldness. mid-night talks. sleep. risk.


nothing, really.

October 1, 2008

” I’ve been roaming around
Always looking down at all I see
Painted faces, build the places I cant reach
You know that I could use somebody.
Someone like you, and all you know and how you speak” – Kings of Leon.


I can’t hear you dont see what i see do you really are capable of this is only the first page through the days with me.

yellow insides etc.

September 27, 2008

I am sick, which is rather surprising as I have the immune system of a Rhino and never, ever get sick. But alas, here I am, sick as a sick thing. I’m sick on the inside- a.k.a. my immune system is failing me, I’m sick on the outside- a broken right wrist, and sick on my lip- cold sore. (I almost wrote coleslaw) What are you suppose to do when you’re sick? There seems to be a list of things, unanimously agreed upon by all of humanity, that one is suppose to do when you are sick. It looks a little something like this:

  1. Watch daytime T.V
  2. Read
  3. Drink lemony yuck things.
  4. Eat soup
  5. Rest.

The problem is, I don’t like that list!

I just don’t like T.V. I lived in my apartment for 3 months before we turned the T.V on for the first time.
I’ve spent the last month reading hundreds of pages about teacher discourse and sociology theories and I don’t want to read anymore.
Lemony yuck things are yuck. Unless Glen makes them with honey in which case they’re ok. But there’s only so many of those you can have before your insides turn yellow. (and i know my insides are going yellow from them because my pee is yellow. Isn’t that how it works?)
Soup is overrated.
Rest is very boring.

Wow- can I moan anymore?! Instead of moaning, I’m going to compile a new what-to-do-when-you’re-sick list.

What to do when you’re sick list:

  1. Up-skill by reading “How to Do Just About Everything”
    How to overcome a phobia, lubricate door hinges, leave a party gracefully, cram for a test, examine a mole, keep a dozen roses fresh, retrieve a valuable dropped down the sink…it’s all in there! One of the greatest present I’ve ever received.

  2. Make a table from a cardboard box.
    I’ve actually done this one. It works really well.

for the complete instructions click here..


3.  Find bizarre Youtube videos. Here are some I prepared earlier:

Hilarious Japanese Pranks. (really worth a watch!)
Batman on drugs
People falling over

4. With the use of this very dynamic and user-friendly Peter Griffin Sound Board, make prank calls.

5. Fold a Towel Elephant.

For more comprehensive instructions and links to making other animals such as Towel Lobsters, click here.

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sweet and sour smell of dying vegetation.

September 22, 2008

In my hand bag I have a jar full of words and sentences. I cut them out of various old books because something about them resonated with me.  I have hung some of these from strings in jars and combined others to compile stories for paintings. I enjoy taking words or sentences from different sources and stringing them together to see what come out. (reading this I reckon I’m  going to be one of those crazy cat ladies when I’m older)

I’m going to pull words or sentences out from the jar and see what comes out.

here goes…

Smiling, I held out my hand…sweet and sour smell of dying vegetation…spoke from the corner of his mouth without looking at me…folded piece of paper..suddenly quiet…then he saw me…lit…I turned to leave…scattered across the lawn..gently…felt…aware of someone coming…i smiled and said..dark grey eyes…approaching…colour.

the reason why I thought of the above, was because I noticed how my tags on the side of my blog conveniently order themselves to make sentences such as

– pantless reporter planning secret missions

– swimming attire temptation

– thank you truth.

The idea I’ve been trying to conjure up all month.

September 14, 2008


September 11, 2008

It’s Glen’s birthday. Yay! Happy Birthday Glen!

Things about Glen that I appreciate and, or tolerate. (you figure which is which)

  1. He is part of the .01% of the human race who listens to National Radio…on a regular basis.
  2. He has prevented me from doing things such as hacking off my cast with a power tool, snowboarding with a broken wrist and so on and so on. (and so on)
  3. He changes my facebook status to make horrendously untrue statements.
  4. Since knowing him, my Burger Fuel consumption has increased by 70%
  5. The first time we hung out we created a second universe with characters such as James (son of a fire bat and a large pile of innocuous rocks) where Zeebras mated with Lamas and Giraffes and suspicious blue haired Trollasauri roamed in the mountains.
  6. When I’m sick he brings me books and presents. (including an interactive book on piratology!)
  7. Takes me for walks.
  8. Tolerates my “eclectic” music taste.
  9. Poured me the biggest bubble bath I have ever seen in my life. (I actually spent the entire day in the bath)
  10. Reads sci fi books about ferocious fairies.
  11. He is righteous and thoughtful.
  12. Brings perspective.